The ultimate shine requires polishing in some form to your car’s paint. No Wax in the world will improve the appearance of a paint surface if the car is not polished in proper manner. Polishing is a process where paint surface is flattened and permanently remove those pesky fine swirls and scratches in your car paint that appears when looking at your car paint in direct sunlight or through a halogen light source. A properly polished paint surface will result in show car levels of shine, depth of reflectivity, and gloss. At Cleanoid we polish your car surface to remove any minor scratches, swirls, oxidation, and water spots from your paint and top it up with an imported wax which protects the paint from acid rain, tree saplings, minor dirt marks & harmful UV rays.

Rs. 1199/- Rs. 1499/- Rs. 1799/- Rs. 2199/- Price On Request