Most vehicles are exposed to the outdoors, as long as they are used daily rather than stored safely away. For this reason, some people assume they cannot use their car very often if they want it to look nice for long. Fortunately, paint sealant can protect cars from the elements, making it possible to have a shiny car that looks quite new despite constant use.

Synthetic sealant is a protective layer that creates a barrier between the paint and any substances that might make contact with the vehicle. Aside from protecting it, synthetic sealant also makes the surface shiny. In fact, it usually is considered similar to car wax, but tends to last longer, partly because the melting point of this type of sealer is much higher than that of wax. Another difference is that synthetic sealant forms a hard barrier around the car, while wax tends to penetrate the paint.

"Our synthetic sealant product is similar to Teflon coating"

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